Factory_School_logoThe Factory
School of Printmaking Arts

The Factory School of Printmaking Arts is a concept for the Northwest Print Center & Incubators planned for Seattle.

Students of the printmaking arts enroll to work at assembly, testing and shipping beautiful, portable printmaking presses and studio furnishings to customers worldwide. The proceeds from sales of these help to support the factory school programs that help teachers and entrepreneurs who want to facilitate printmaking education and appreciation classes. Read more...

7a Retouched web shot of a woodworking class with their table projects, Halfwood Presses pasted on their tables.
7b Web shot of a girl doing a woodworking project, suggesting young people at work making presses and printmaking furniture.
7c Bill Ritchie sawing copper in his studio, preliminary to making copper test plates.
7d Web shot showing a youngster practicing wood crafting, a Halfwood Printmakers Chest pasted in the photo to suggest a project.

Excerpt from the business plan: "Consider an initial half-million seed fund to lease and install the basic necessities for the Factory School of Printmaking Arts, Crafts and Design in an unused building such as the one at 701 5th Avenue North, in Uptown Seattle, to start the art, culture and technology incubator, the Center, a Social Purpose Corporation. The focus will be manufacturing, testing and shipping etching presses worldwide."