Affordable Live/Work ACT/E* Housing

Concept for the Seattle Printmakers Center

The Northwest Print Center & Incubators would include 60,000 square feet of affordable, co-operative and intentional housing for artists and artisans, especially those whose focus is on multimedia arts that involve collaboration and team-built art education projects, performances, allied crafts (such as paper making and printmaking instruments) and producing concomitant income streams to support the Center’s activities. Read More...

3a Web stock photo shot, housing with commercial units on the street level.
3b Web stock shot of live/work space interior, perhaps a graphic designer at work; and she may be one of the directors of a component of the center, too.
3c Web shot image, housing with shop and live/work spaces on the street level.
3d Stock photo webshot, a typical communal dining/conference room in an incubator workspace.

*Arts, Culture & Technology Entrepreneurs

Information: ritchie@emeralda.com