This is the location for offices and studios for the developers for Massively Open Online Courses, podcasts and other persistent classes for academic and casual listeners and learners. Here, original content is compiled and/or created which develops continuing education in the printmaking world with shared facilities at the Northwest Print Center and Incubators with revenue shared with operation of the Center’s activities. Read more ...

13a Web shot of students surrounding an industrial etching press and making a video of a printmaking demonstration.
13b Web photo of a cooking-show style setup for distribution via cable television.
13c Bill Ritchie in the concluding scene from a printmaking demonstration for a video.
13d Web shot that shows students learning editing techniques for a student production..

See 2013 video, "Confessions of a Press Maker," by the founder, Bill Ritchie - 30 minutes


Bill Ritche chats in 15 short videos that point to
the 2016 founding of the Seattle Printmakers Center


Bill Ritchie goes live with his first podcast about printing at the local bar, The Nabob, in Seattle  


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