(Printmaking Games and Entertainment)

Purposeful Games rated PG for Enlightened Printmakers and Print Collectors

From concept to launch, the development offices for interactive serious games and networks for people who love the printmaking arts, a design and testing center to produce new ways to reach, teach and entertain youth and professionals worldwide. Profits from this enterprise help support the creators of the publication of games as well as the Seattle Printmaking Center educational activities.

6a Collectible trading card and board game proposal based on Bill Ritchie's novel, "Rembrandt's Ghost in the New Machine."
6b Screenshot of Bill Ritchie's Second-Life avatar shown at the portals of a virtual printmaking world. Note the animated, musical etching press created by Janet Fisher.
6c Retail box design for a Bill Ritchie's board game with the working title, 'Emeralda," an artist's asset management and legacy transfer concept..
6d DIY WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press model that really works, planned to be the core of a hobby table top game based on Ritchie's novel, "Rembrandt's Ghost..."
6e Bill Ritchie posturing with his first Collectible Trading Card game based on the Ritchie Family Collection.

All the above games are in the concept stage and when developed will be marketed and sold by the Seattle Printmakers Center to support the Center's PRINTERTAINMENT activities plus offer support for the other Center work.



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