Featuring the world’s artistic adventurers, such as painters, sculptors, performing artists and book designers who, as printmakers, expanded upon and extended the esthetics of commercial printing. Printing became printmaking as a fine art owing to them. Displays include biographical information, videos, and books that underscore their contributions to the arts, crafts, and design of printmaking. Read more ...

18a Web shot of framed prints suggesting how a hallway exhibition space might appear .
18b Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2007), printing a screenprint, was one of the painters who brought us new levels of printmaking innovation and technologies.
18c Image of Stanley W. Hayter’s art. Hayter was an important figure in printmaking production, teaching and networking worldwide and his art work and book is widely known.
18d Image of Rolf Nesch, German-born artist who escaped Nazis and who contributed to printmaking from his adopted home country, Norway .
18e Image of Stanley W. Hayter, founder of the international school and studio, Atelier 17.

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