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Faire & Roadshow


 The Northwest Print Center & Incubators will host the Printmaker Faire and Roadshow to open the gates to the real and the virtual worlds that coexist in the Seattle region. Artist printmakers and makers of all kinds are featured in these events, and printmaking will be showcased as the ancestor of technologies. Read more ...

12a A Kansas fourth-grader turning the wheel of a Mini etching press during a 4-school workshop with printmaker Bill Ritchie.
12b Web shot of visitors browsing through a portfolio of prints at a printmaking fair  and art show.
12c Web shot of a print fair with prints on table-top easels for convenient, wall-free viewing.
12d Snapshot of a Seattle Pop-up neighborhood arts and crafts fair that took place in a parking lot.

In addition:
Printmaker Road Show Concept


It's like a traveling circus, except instead of dangerous trapeze acts and wild animals, visitors see artisans and artists in action. Some of them will show crazy, wild ideas that break the boundaries of traditional printmaking. This is a stage for everything from traditional, hand-made prints, press-making, book arts, papermaking and on to 3-D printing and games of all kinds.

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