Printmaking Alive!

Walk through planographic printing process (AKA lithography) with live printers in action with polymer and dry lithography on glass plates, printing on both traditional lithograph presses designed for stone lithography and roller-style presses for waterless lithography. Read more ...

11a Web shot of a printer holding up a lithograph he had just printed in a live demonstration.
11b Web shot showing how to adapt a small brayer to ink a type of plastic “lithograph” plate.
11c Web shot of a lecturer explaining aluminum plate lithography which replaces most stone lithography in art studios.
11d Web photo of using a small brayer to ink a plate on aluminum foil etched with coke soft drink, AKA “Kitchen Etching.”
11e Web shot of peeling a lithographic-kind of print from an inked plate that was run through a printing press.

Below is a polymer printmakingvideo, a planographic process

Ann Belov printing at an Art Fair, Whidbey Island, WA  


Bill Ritchie printing vitreography - glass plate dry lithography

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