Printmakers Store


The Seattle Printmakers Store will be both a retail store and also an eStore. It is inspired by the artist D. G. Smith, the Seattle’s original artist entrepreneur and founder of the art supply company, Daniel Smith Inc. Dan began in the 1970s with printmaking in mind and built his company with the support of other regional artists and educators. He contributed to the education of artists by publishing a monthly “InkSmith,” and held demonstrations in the store. Read more...

5a  Retail store in high-traffic location such as the Pike Place Market, the co-founders’ original choice of an ideal, high-traffic location.
5b  Web shot, typical art materials store carrying printmaking materials, supplies and equipment.
5c  Web shot modified for conceptual storefront and signage in Seattle.
5d  Photo of Bill Ritchie at one of his demos at Daniel Smith Inc. introducing the Halfwood Press. The Printmakers store will feature such local products, in-store demonstrations and outreach programs for schools.

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