A 6th-grader at Meridian School, Shoreline, tries her hand at printing on
a Mini Halfwood Press. Visiting printmaker was Bill Ritchie, 2010.
Photo by Matilda Bryan, age 12.

Melissa Strawser, in Pennsylvania, offers
workshops for kids and Moms utilizing her
own Legacy Mini Halfwood Press.

Kids love printmaking in ways different from the way grown ups love printmaking - that's what Melissa Strawser and Bill Ritchie (who are developing Young Printmakers coast-to-coast) discovered when they showed the Mini Halfwood Press to kids at art shows, parties and in schools. Perhaps it's the size of the press (like a toy) and the wheel like something for a driving a machine or a ship's wheel.

The members of the Rembrandt and Wine staff can provide you with a printmaking experience for kids ages 4 and up.

Disclaimer: The above is in concept development.
For information contact Bill Ritchie