What is, "sip and print"?
Sip and print studios are like paint and sip studios except printing takes the place of painting. For example, when you go to one of the hundreds of paint and sip locations (for example, Canvas Paint and Sip in Kirkland and Fremont, in Washington State) you get canvas, paints, and a beverage. At a sip and print, you get a beverage (wine, beer, soft drink, etc.) and a printing a plate, a press, ink, and paper. With paint and sip, you take home a painting; from sip and print , you take home several prints you printed yourself from etched copper plates, linocuts, or other kinds of ready-made printing plates. You can also take home a personal press (an extra investment, of course).

A sip and print is like a paint and sip exept that easels are replaced with personal-sized
etching presses, and brushes are replaced with ready-made printing plates, and paint is
replaced with water-washup etching inks. Packs of professional printmaking paper
are provided and, a beverage always help start your printmaking experience. The
left photo, above, is from a video made at a printing party; the photo at the right is
from the web page at one of Washington State's Canvas Paint and Sip, a national
franchise, which has two locations in the Seattle area.

How much does it cost?
Visits begin at $45 for groups of 10 to 20 people in most locations. We have package deals, too. For example, the Printmaker Package gives the customer the introduction ($45) session plus a DIY Press Making kit for $895.00—totaling $940.

What kinds of beverages are stocked?
Wine, beer, soft drinks, and water are served—the first glass is included in the visit. The Washington State studio wines (red, white) have our own label—Rembrandt’s—and we soon will have our own craft beer. Besides the beverages, we sometimes have Rembrandt’s Chocolates, made by the Canada's renowned Dutch Chocolatier, Ernest Horvers, in British Columbia.

What is supplied?
Visitors get use of prepared printing plate, five sheets of prepared, artist-quality paper, non-toxic, water soluble ink by Charbonnel, Akua or Speedball, and basic supplies used to print, plus non-latex gloves. Visitors take home their prints in a supplied package with instructions for drying and care. There are optional frames, too, and mats sized for the prints.

What about cleanup?
Our helpful staff cleans up. Aprons are available.

Are there any risks, such as fumes or acids?
No, this is a printing experience only, using printing plates that are made ahead of time by artisan plate makers. The fine quality printmaking papers, too, are prepared ahead. The printing materials are non-toxic and odorless. Visitors may wish to wear one of the supplied aprons—which also can be purchased to take home.

Can one just look on?
Space allowing, yes, with a $10 visitor pass (includes a beverage). You will see we have an assortment of personal-sized presses ranging from WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press ($80) the DIY Mini Etching Press kit ($750) up to the Carrack Halfwood Press at $6,950.00, which is one of the professional’s choice. You will especially like the Rembrandt en Wijn printmaker's day gift box, "Everything you need for your own printmaking party."

Disclaimer: The above is a concept under development.
For information contact Bill Ritchie