Rembrandt and Wine sip and print specials include gift certificate bargains, reduced prices on certain take-away items, and social opportunities such as MeetUps and events available through EventBrite, for example.

Certificate of authenticity
Gift items include certificates for events or items
sold in the Rembrandt and Wine shops and the
Seattle Printmakrs Center Store

Co-founders are now needed to collaborate the CEI (Chief Executive Innovator), and this page serves be a source wherein to describe co-founder and investor search and also people who are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this sip and print franchise offering which Bill Ritchie plans as part of the Seattle Printmakers Center.

The state of Washington recently passed its own intrastate equity crowdfunding law which may be used for sip and print startups like Rembrandt and Wine, which means, as a Washington State startup in the new sip and print industry can offer shares to Washington State residents for sums as small as $5,000.

Crowd funding programs like IndieGoGo and RocketHub are other possibilities, with incentives offered that are essentially the same items that will be available in Gift Items and the Printmakers Store at opportunity prices, e.g., items such as the Printmakers Gift Wine and Press Box.

Specials in the Seattle Printmakers Center initiative's opening will also incude investment opportunities and business offers such as introduction to the sip and print Rembrandt and Wine concept formation to select groups, college business classes and non-profits.

Disclaimer: This is a concept in development.
For information contact Bill Ritchie.