At Rembrandt and Wine sip and print you can get two kind of gifts, one being experiences such as gift certificates for people to join one of the sip and print sessions or workshops. Secondly, we are affiliated with the Printmakers Store and Young Printmakers, so you can shop online for a range of gift items. A small selection of items that make wonderful gifts is kept at Rembrandt and Wine sip and print locations.

An example of a gift concept


This is a great gift idea: Two bottles of wine, two classes, a Mini Etching Press and etched copper plate. You also get the ink, accessories, materials (such as paper) and supplies. For chocolate lovers, a box of original Rembrandt's Chocolate, too. It's all you need for your private printing party. There is a DVD to tell you how and the original, 440-page time-travel novel, "Rembrandt's Ghost in the New Machine," by Bill Ritchie - originator of the sip and print concept. The Rembrandt en Wijn gift comes in a compartmented box like a wine crate. The suggested retail price is $1,995, fob Seattle.

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Disclaimer: This is a concept under development.
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