From time to time, artists, crafts people and designers come to the Rembrandt and Wine sip and print to present demonstrations for people who want to dig deeper into topics that are connected to printmaking, such as bookbinding, monotypes, and mixed media.

These demonstrations are originated by the individuals who want to share their methods; sometimes the demonstrations come about by popular request from visitors to the Rembrandt and Wine website sip and print and social networks.

Demonstrate etching

Below is a candid video and snapshot of the first Printing Party in 2010 showing how the Mini Halfwood Press, the flagship line of personal printmaking presses which made the sip and print industry possible and that work well for helping people with a printing experience.

The four-minute video on the left shows people printing on etched copper plates
which were provided at each printing station, as well as ink, paper, tools and
protective gloves. The snapshot on the right shows three of the four presses used
at this printmaking party. Video and photos by Janet Fisher and Lynda Ritchie.

Disclaimer: The above a concept under development.
For information, contact Bill Ritchie.