At the Northwest Print Center & Incubators -
Washington State's Original Sip and Print Incubator

To be a printmaking party, sip and print space where guests can print a monotype or monoprint on a personal-size Mini Halfwood Press or a Rembrandt replica press, with a choice of Washington Wines and craft beer or other beverage, and also light snacks, plus chocolates from Rembrandt's Chocolates made in British Columbia in a setting that invites free interchange—a share of the profits from which will go to support the Northwest Print Center. Read more...

2a Visitor to The Nabob Meetup admires the Dali etching he printed.
2b A moment at the Sip 'N Print at the Nabob, about to see the proof.
2c Sip 'N Print coffee in the daytime--other drinks at night.
2d Stock photo with the Rembrandt & Wine gift pack pictured in.
2e A party organizer broke the ice at the first Meetup at The Nabob in Seattle.
2f Seattle's first Printing Party – a press for everybody, in the back room at Seattle's art supply store, Daniel Smith.

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"Rembrandt and Wine" will be a sip and print startup for event-oriented consumers who want great Washington State wine, craft beer and soft drinks along with a guided experience of making old-timey, hand-printed etchings on a personal-sized etching press. Guests will enjoy a creative, socially relaxed environment like a printmaking studio. Ideal for date nights, girls' times out, kids' parties, corporate events, team-building, bachelorette parties, bridal and baby showers, anniversary parties, family gatherings, fundraisers and more. Sip and print sessions can be customized for you, your family and friends, school or company.

© 2016 Bill H. Ritchie

Disclaimer: This was a 6-month concept development test at The Nabob bar in Seattle, October-April. For information, click Information