A promenade—maybe a hallway, diorama or interactive digital display—simulating prehistoric printmaking on the walls in exotic caverns, progressing through time, space and technology up to today’s video games. PrintsArcade is a walk through history showing mechanization of communication beginning 300 centuries ago and rising to technologies of all kinds and today's fine art printmaking and performance arts. Read more ...

15a Composite image from web shots illustrating the first stencil printing method
15b Web shot from a 15th Century publication about printing intaglio prints with roller presses
15c Web shot showing a 19th Century woman turning the star wheel of an intaglio press
15d Close-up web shot showing how a hand-stamp is used to stamp a work of calligraphy
15e Web shot of a kid playing video game in an account of what printmaking became in the digital age
15f Web shot of a 15th century Gutenberg-style press reconstructed in a Texas printing museum



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