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16a Screen shot from 1975 video art series by Seattle artist C. T. Chew
16b Page from '76 People Magazine of Dennis Evans performance (now on YouTube)
16c Screen shot from 1978 videotaped happening, “Video Dig,” by C. T. Chew as seen on YouTube
16d Vintage U-Matic (3/4-inch) videocassette – one of hundreds in Ritchie Video and UW Archives.
16e Artist Stamp mage of Christy Wyckoff, first graduate printmaking  student to participate in video art at the UW.
16f Image of Dennis Evans modified with special-effects, from a video art tape he made in 1975 at the UW.

See Bill Ritchie explain his Video Archive


Above: Bill Ritchie planned a Kickstarterr but did not launch it-
he made this video to plan it.

In another video, below, he considered auctioning
individual vintage tapes to raise funds to restore the
Ritchie Video Archive

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