Early childhood education may be enriched by printmaking experiences, as with the other cultural and artistic experiences. The distinction of printmaking lies in its physical mechanics, chemistry, optics and new electronic and digital technologies of which ancient printing-by-hand is the ancestor. In addition, printmaking can be socially interactive with elements of performance arts. Read more...

3a Top, artist stamp from in Latvia take at an event for children; bottom photo is from a promotional cruise in Seattle.
3b Montage of photos taken at a Pennsylvania workshop for kids and their mothers on a mini press.
3c Son of one owner of a Halfwood Press doing his first monotypes.
3d Elementary students turn the wheel and print a print on the first mini press, 2004, inspired Bill Ritchie’s screenplay, “Swipe.”
3e Corey with Rembrandt’s Chocolate print made on a mini etching press at his grandfather’s chocolate company in Canada.

See the video, "Kids with Presses" photobook

Young Printmakers Workshop - Pennsylvania is on Facebook

New: Printmaking in a Box

Disclaimer: This is a concept development for one of twenty components of Bill Ritchie's proposal for a Northwest Print Center Incubators, of which each component reflects creativity of Seattles' artists who, in the surrealist tradition, helped to raise printmaking above the level of fine art toward a world of the super-real influenced by the Pacific Northwest's thriving technology culture. Each component of the Seattle Printmakers Center (such as Young Printmakers) operates as a for-profit business, with part of the profits going to support the Northwest Print Center activities.
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